To be the world’s first portable, interoperable mobile wallet facilitating domestic and cross border payments and empowering global mobile commerce


First Global Data is a publicly listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company, established in 2005, is an international financial technology solution (‘FINTECH’) company, headquartered in Toronto Canada, with subsidiary offices in the United States, South America and South Asia.

First Global Data is a licensed Money Service Business (MSB) and holds licensing in Canada and in 31 states in the USA to provide a variety of money services. First Global Data has also applied for the balance of the licenses in the USA and expects to be fully licensed by Q4 2017.

The company’s two main lines of business are mobile payments and cross border payments. First Global’s proprietary leading-edge technology enables the convergence of compliant domestic and cross border payments, shopping, Peer to Peer (‘P2P’), Business to Consumer (‘B2C’), and Business to Business (‘B2B’) payments. First Global enables its strategic partners and clients around the world with our leading edge financial services technology platform.

The degree to which the payments industry has changed in just a decade is off the scale. We’ve witnessed the arrival of new currencies, technologies, business models, and forms of transactions; all within an environment of global economic upheavals and increasingly comprehensive regulation. First Global is a licensed MSB in Canada and the United States and adheres to the regulatory requirements including but not limited to Fintrac, FinCEN, BSA, AML, KYC, OFAC & OFSI.

First Global Data’s Indian division – MSewa Software provides a one-stop mobile payment service available across India. MSewa aims at serving the consumers (Banked, Unbanked and Underbanked) with mobile banking facilities on the move from anywhere by transferring funds in their mobile phone. It incorporates important features like M-Commerce, Funds Transfer, International and Domestic Money Transfer, Bill Payments, and Mobile Top-Up. These features will serve to provide the customers with easy payments and transaction facilities via mobile. Our system consists of many important features offered to its customers, the most important of them is the Money Transfer feature that enables people to transfer funds to any person they want, irrespective of whether or not the sending or receiving parties have accounts at banks. In a short span of time MSewa has garnered various recognition such as “Best Innovative in Mobile Payment 2015”, “Top 100 Red Herring Asia 2015″,”Shortlisted in NASSCOM Emerge 50”, “Startup Of The Year 2015”. Our Digital Wallet offers Secure Real-Time transaction processing service and support, and is a payment gateway that enables online payment for transactions and value added services at the point of sales. Digital Wallet performs payment authorization and authentication, and makes settlement of funds between Financial Institutions (FIs), Merchants and Users (Customers).

Over the past decade First Global Data has worked relentlessly on executing its Corporate strategy and vision of the company. Through the course of its persistent efforts, it has built a reputable list of partnerships, which comprises of major Banks and Financial Institutions, Government Departments, Telecommunication Companies, Travel Agencies and other Organizations which has created a unique brand value within the respective industry. First Global Data is strongly positioned to capitalize on the large degree of change in the ‘FINTECH’ disruptive payments industry.



In our world, we do things differently.

First Global Data is driving innovation in the Payments Sector, Financial Processing Services by leading the transformation of financial services technology offered to consumers to change the way financial services are delivered – “Lifestyle on the go” ™

We enable individuals, with lifestyle convenience, whether that is walking into a retail merchant location, visiting our website, or tapping our PayQwik™ app to make payments, send, share or receive money.

We have launched one of the world’s first social media platform partners, where customers can send money to friends and family seamlessly and securely, domestically and across borders.

We have established the first Interoperable Global Wallet

  • Integrated Global Compliance engine
  • Globally Integrated payment features
  • Multi-Currency Wallet
  • E-Commerce and M-Commerce Marketplace
  • Global and Local Ecosystem
  • Mobile POS (mPOS)
  • Integration to NFC Devices and NFC Cards
  • Merchant App
  • Advertising/Marketing through Beacon Technology
  • Integrated to the Financial Infrastructure
  • Cross Border Transactions
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Integrated Merchant Module

We enable partnerships

First Global is a global cross-border, peer-to-peer payment solution that enables partners to allow their users to make payments using our financial services wallet and send money overseas to more than 97 countries and territories.

By using First Global’s APIs they can leverage the following –

  • International and Domestic Remittances (Mobile/Online/Merchants and Agents)
  • Online and Mobile Payments – Digital Wallet
  • Mobile/Online Banking Technology

About Vpayqwik™

Vpayqwik™ is a white label strategic partnership brand between First Global Data and Vijaya Bank India. Vpayqwik provides a one-stop mobile payment service available across India. Vpayqwik aims at serving the consumers (Banked and Underbanked). With mobile banking facilities on the move from anywhere by transferring funds into their mobile phone. It incorporates important features like M-Commerce, P2P Funds Transfer, International and Domestic Money Transfer, Bill Payments, and Mobile Top-Up, buy travel tickets, booking a bus ticket and many more features.

One of the key features is Money Transfer, which enables people to transfer funds to any person, irrespective of whether or not both the sending or receiving parties have accounts in the bank.

In a short span of time Vpayqwik has bagged various recognition such as ‘Top 100 Red Herring Asia 2017 & 2015’, ‘Best initiative in Mobile Payment 2015 ‘, ‘Shortlisted in NASSCOM Emerge 50’, ‘Startup Of The Year 2015’.






  • Digital Wallet (e-wallet/m-wallet)
  • White Label (customizable)
  • Cash In/ Cash Out
  • Merchant Integration
  • Merchant Network
  • Merchant Payments
  • Pay at Store
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Rewards Points
  • SMS Alerts


  • Referral
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Recharge & Mobile Top Ups
  • Compliance with KYC & AML
  • Transparent settlement process
  • Third party software integration
  • Debit card integration
  • Secure Transaction
  • International and Domestic Money Transfer
  • P2P Money Transfer