• Company Overview:

    First Global Data Corp is a Financial Services Technology Company that has developed world class industry leading technology which has allows this company to deliver a multitude of secure financial services.

    We offer a high performance, fast, flexible and empowered culture where employees: Embrace change and initiate opportunity; Have a passion for growth; and Have the courage to innovate.


    Job Purpose:

    Participates in various stages of the software development lifecycle to ensure successful and timely execution of First Global Data product additions and enhancement.


    Duties and Responsibilities:



    • Provides technical support and problem resolution expertise to support staff and users.
    • Diagnoses technical problems, determines and test solutions. Confers with senior developers on complex issues.
    • Recommends resources required for executing large-scale solutions.


    Software Design

    • Designs and implements software systems and product enhancements based on specifications.
    • Produces associated documents including high level and detailed design specifications.
    • Decides approaches, modeling techniques.
    • Provides estimates for schedules, scope and required project resources.
    • Participates in technical reviews of requirements and systems design with peers.



    • Produces and refines programming code for new software development and product enhancements.
    • Determines algorithms and approaches and recommends solutions and resource allocations.
    • Liaise with internal staff and users to capture all relevant functionality.


    Quality Assurance / Testing

    • Designs test plan strategies and oversees and executes test scripts to validate all new software developments and enhancements.
    • Uses QA lifecycle and coverage models including input into the design of manual & automated tests.
    • Support QA infrastructure required for QA support, including selection of vendor tools for testing and ticketing.


    Documentation Support

    • Writes first draft version of technical literature for submission to documentation team.
    • Reviews final documents prior to release and verifies processes are followed.
    • Reviews documentation authored by peers and makes recommendations for improvements.


    Knowledge and Skills Requirement:

    The successful applicant must have:

    • Computer science/engineering post-secondary training/or equivalent experience.
    • 1-3 years software development experience.
    • Knowledge of full software engineering discipline.
    • Ability to code in a variety of languages.
    • Ability to de-bug.
    • Ability to critique and review colleagues’ code for design and soundness.
    • Can operate with in well defined processes.
    • Results and time oriented.
    • Creative – can devise & implement multiple solutions.
    • Strong intellectual ability.
    • Solid technical expertise in domain areas.
    • Strong team building orientation.
    • Strong analytical ability.
    • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.



    Please send your resume to: for further consideration.

  • The Opportunity

    Are you interested in working for a cutting-edge FINTECH company with a collaborative and dynamic company? If you are a driven, motivated Finance professional who is looking to contribute your skills and grow as a professional, this might just be the job for you.


    Duties & Responsibilities

    • Consolidate and analyze financial data taking into account company’s goals and financial standing
    • Maintain updated record of Shares, warrants, options, conversion rights, supporting schedules
    • Prepare and update foreign exchange exposure tables
    • Conducting detailed financial analysis on historical and projected financial results
    • Performing financial modeling in Excel
    • Conducting market and industry research, benchmarking analysis, compiling data on companies and perform relative market value analysis
    • Assisting in the development of pitch, confidential information memorandum and other Corporate Finance documentation
    • Calculate periodic foreign exchange requirement and request purchase of foreign currency
    • Prepare rolling cash flow forecast
    • Manage and monitor cash balances and recommend investment of surplus funds
    • Ensure translation of foreign currency balances at each period month.
    • Circulate period exchange rates to be used for recording transactions in books.
    • Monitor insurance coverage, maintain a summary of coverage
    • Keep update record of investments, maturity dates and record relevant entries in the books.
    • Maintain schedule of interest payments. Initiate interest payments on due dates and ensure all payments are made on time.
    • Calculate requirement for purchase of forward and other derivative instruments to hedge currency exposure
    • Make estimates for interest rate risk and make recommendation to hedge the interest rate risk.
    • Maintain schedule of license sales, finders’ fees and related transactions.
    • Calculate marketing fee payments and maintain an updated payment calendar.
    • Maintain master schedule of borrowings and update on a monthly basis.
    • Provide creative alternatives and recommendations to reduce costs and improve financial performance
    • Assemble and summarize data to structure sophisticated reports on financial status and risks
    • Develop financial models, conduct benchmarking and process analysis
    • Conduct business studies on past, future and comparative performance and develop forecast models
    • Identify trends, advise company and recommend actions to a senior financial analyst based on sound analysis
    • Track and determine financial status by analyzing actual results in comparison with forecasts
    • Reconcile transactions by comparing and correcting data
    • Gain and update job knowledge to remain informed about novelty in the field
    • Drive process improvement and policy development initiatives that impact the function
    • Other duties as assigned.



    • Proven working experience as a finance analyst
    • Proficient in spreadsheets, databases, MS Office and financial software applications
    • Hands on experience with statistical analysis and statistical packages
    • Outstanding presentation, reporting and communication skills
    • Proven knowledge of financial forecasting and diagnosis, corporate finance and information analysis
    • Well informed in current financial subjects, accounting, tax laws, money market and business environments
    • BS degree in Finance, Economics or related field



    Please send your resume to: for further consideration.

    Please note: While we appreciate all applicants that apply, only those who meet the qualifications will be contacted for an interview.

  • Location: Los Angeles, California

    Compensation: Commensurate upon experience

    Starting Date: As soon as possible


    Our company, First Global Money Inc. has an exciting career opportunity as a Division Controller. This position provides significant contributions to the development, implementation and enforcement of policies, procedures, and programs designed to minimize potential money laundering and financial risks by ensuring that our company works within the established strategies of the Finance Department as well as to ensure regulatory compliance with respect to financial reporting.

    The Division Controller will be responsible for providing leadership and coordination of company accounting and financial planning, and budget management functions. As well, they will ensure company accounting procedures conform to generally accepted accounting principles and that statutory and regulatory filings are complete, accurate and timely for the company and any associated subsidiary or affiliated companies.



    • Compile and analyze financial information to prepare reports for management.
    • Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal reporting requirements and regulations.
    • Ensure timely preparation and filing of tax returns and reports to IRS and state tax authorities.
    • Coordinating with Regulators with respect to financial information requests and submissions.
    • Manage all Accounts Receivable and ensure collections for all outstanding balances.
    • Establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures.
    • Monitor and review accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness.
    • Prepare and review budget, revenue, expense, payroll entries, invoices, and other accounting documents.
    • Prepare and present financial statements in accordance with GAAP and apply appropriate accounting standards for major financial transactions such as business combinations and foreign currency transactions.
    • Analyze revenue and expenditure trends and recommend appropriate budget levels, and ensure expenditure control.
    • Assess information system needs of the finance department and recommend, develop and maintain financial databases, computer software systems and manual filing systems.
    • Supervise the input and handling of financial data and reports for the company’s automated financial systems.
    • Managing foreign exchange and currency management.
    • Interact with internal and external auditors and state and federal regulators in completing audits.
    • Direct and coordinate all company accounting and reporting functions, financial planning and budget management functions.
    • Direct and ensure completion of month end, quarterly, year end consolidated financial statements.
    • Recommend benchmarks for measuring the financial and operating performance of divisions and departments.
    • Monitor and analyze monthly operating results against budget and forecast.
    • Manage the preparation of financial outlooks and financial forecasts.
    • Work with department managers and corporate staff to develop business plans for the company.
    • Participate in establishing and implementing short- and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.
    • Other duties as assigned.



    • US CPA required
    • 3-5 years of financial reporting experience
    • Knowledge of Financial and Tax Compliance
    • Experience of working with Sage 300 or a Tier 1 ER
    • Very strong Excel skills
    • Preferable business experience in FinTech, Financial Services, Money Remittances or Banking industry
    • Ability to motivate teams to produce quality materials within tight timeframes and simultaneously manage several projects. Ability to participate in and facilitate group meetings
    • Experience with foreign currency management
    • Experience in a regulatory reporting environment
    • Ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial reports, statements and projections. Working knowledge of short and long-term budgeting and forecasting and rolling budgets
    • Professional written, verbal, interpersonal and presentation skills
    • Ability to motivate teams to produce quality materials within tight timeframes and simultaneously manage several projects
    • Ability to participate in and facilitate group meetings
    • IFRS knowledge and experience an asset
    • Willingness to work a flexible schedule as needed


    About First Global Money Inc:

    First Global Money Inc. is a leader in the Financial Services technology sector with current and future in demand consumer products and services. Specializing in International Money Remittance, Mobile Payments and Mobile Banking Technology; First Global Money Inc. enables our mobile carrier and banking partners with leading edge technology services to drive incremental revenue streams.

    First Global Money Inc. currently has connectivity to 44 countries worldwide, and continues to aggressively expand. Our international presence includes a payout network in excess of 54,000 locations which includes strong relationships with banks, telecommunication providers, and non-banking organizations.

    We thank all applicants for applying for this position, unfortunately only those selected will be directly contacted by our Human Resources Department.



    Please send your resume to: for further consideration.

  • Job Description

    • Transaction Monitoring
    • Licensing Oversight


    Reporting Supervisor:

    The Compliance Specialist will provide support to the Compliance and Risk Management Officer in the delivery of the objectives of the Compliance Department.


    Main Role:

    The Compliance Specialist role is a critical function in the Compliance Department as the main role is to assist the compliance officer by monitoring transactions to determine, based on the Company’s policies and procedures to ensure that all required documentation is provided by the customers and ensuring that the watch lists screening is performed on all customer transactions. This role also involves oversight of existing State licenses to conduct money transmission and/or MSB services. The Compliance Specialist also assists by managing the implementation of new services, existing License, and regulatory filing with the federal agencies.


    Roles and Responsibilities

    Transaction Monitoring

    This role is responsible for performing daily transaction monitoring to avoid, deter and detect any suspicious transaction or activity. The role also includes, but is not limited to the detailed monitoring of all transactions to ensure that all requirements are met, as well as the generation and analysis of reports with regards to identifying suspicious transactions or patterns. This function is performed daily to ensure full compliance with the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Regulations (PCMLTFR)and Guidelines.

    • Review potential OFAC/OSFI/UN/EU matches of customers’ names to ensure transactions do not involve an SDN blocked person or entity, a prohibited transaction, or a sanctioned country without transactional documents.
    • Maintain logs of the possible OFAC/OSFI/UN/EU hits with the proper documentation provided by the customers.
    • Review transactions which have met or exceeded the Company’s thresholds and ensure that the required supporting documents are provided and kept on record.
    • Maintain logs with all the recordkeeping information provided by the customers.
    • Support the transaction review function by ensuring that all transactions are released from compliance hold once the compliance checks have been conducted and the transactions are fully compliant with the Canada Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.
    • Conduct high level, enhanced due diligence on transactions and support regulatory filings (e.g. STR, LCTR’s) to ensure all submissions are made by the specified deadlines and that all the information is complete and accurate.


    Licensing Oversight

    This role is responsible for assisting the Compliance Specialist on the filing of the required regulatory reports. The role also includes, but is not limited to the coordination with the different state and Federal agencies and Secretary of States the status and management of the current licenses.

    • Submit all required reports (e.g. Monthly/quarterly Reports, License Renewals, etc.)
    • Assist with managing the existing license
    • Assist on the filing of new and/or terminated agent reports as required (e.g. Monthly, quarterly basis and/or, at the License Renewal, etc.)
    • Assist on reporting all new/terminated agents as required
    • Assist with requests for submissions from auditors, regulators, or other relevant parties and ensure timely delivery of the items requested.
    • Assist on performing research and gathering data to complete ongoing reports to federal regulators.
    • Ongoing monitoring of the Company’s registration/status
    • Assist with putting together presentation packages for the banks and/or potential partners.
    • Any other duties assigned or requested from time to time.
    • Be the point person for all AML regulatory audits conducted and ensure that all audit recommendations have been implemented prior to their deadline.
    • Conduct ongoing anti-money laundering compliance reviews by planning the approach, conducting assessments, reporting on results and making recommendations.
    • Coordinate Agents on-site visits, data reporting and review, and other monitoring activities.
    • Maintain expert awareness of anti-money laundering requirements, internal controls, and operating policies/procedures.
    • Assist with and/or develop work plans to support anti-money laundering compliance reviews.
    • Assist with the development and updating of required policies, procedures, and internal control manuals.
    • Develop, implement, and track AML training across the company.
    • Assist in the development and delivery of training and/or education strategies to address identified deficiencies.
    • Perform other responsibilities within the Company as required.


    Skills & Qualifications

    • Minimum 3 years’ experience in a financial services environment with exposure to regulatory compliance
    • experience working with external business partners to implement new projects and initiatives
    • Demonstrated ability to interpret and apply legislation, internal controls, policies and procedures.
    • Comprehensive understanding of the federal Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, FINTRAC reporting requirements and Canada’s anti-money laundering regulatory regime.
    • A team player with the ability to work independently, be organized, manage time/ priorities and deliver quality work within required deadlines.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with strong attention to detail.
    • An agile individual with strong problem-solving skills and the ability to function effectively in challenging and ambiguous situations.
    • Strong attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills
    • Ability to work quickly and accurately, with the flexibility to deal with priorities
    • Exposure to handling complaints considered an asset
    • Knowledge and demonstrated experience in the use of computer databases, office technologies and computer programs



    Please send your resume to: for further consideration.


    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

    Job Type: Commission


    Job Description Overview:

    The Agent Recruiter has overall responsibility for the market specific Agent network for the Nevada region, driving the growth these Agents generate and overall business development, marketing activities and their support as they pertain to the Agent network. The position also has responsibility for maintaining correspondent relationships within the defined region. The Agent Recruiter will also be required to coordinate and synchronize activities with the service, operations and compliance departments to insure the success of the company.



    • Signing, installing, training and maintaining an agent base large enough to hit the transactions targets / objectives
    • Agent promotions/incentives
    • Consumer promotions/incentives
    • POS and merchandising
    • Marketing efforts/events
    • Collection and/or analysis of competitive and demographic information needed to optimize company’s efforts
    • Pricing recommendations to ensure company’s offering stays competitive
    • New products sold through Agents (bill payment, phone top up, etc…).
    • Position is also responsible for determining and attaining the network size targets and proper Agent structure: mix of classes of trade, network vs. individual stores and ethnic mix by geography.
    • Assist company is hiring sales representatives to develop agent networks in USA and Canada
    • Assist company is recruiting the necessary support staff to develop new corridors in Asia and elsewhere (support, compliance, service)
    • The Sales Manager is responsible for global growth to a specific market or markets as to be defined. This will include liaising with all company departments to ensure key partnerships are developed, staffing established to meet objectives and pricing to ensure corporate profitability.



    • Identify and maximise business opportunities.
    • With manager approval, identify and facilitate the addition of new business opportunities, appropriate to the strategy of the corporate guidelines.
    • Develop, implement and achieve business plans and budgets for the region, in conjunction with relevant parties in head office.
    • Account management of Sales – identify relationship needs and develop/co-ordinate effective solutions, working with the other key personnel across the region and in head office. Work with the implementation and technology teams to meet the business development objectives.
    • Act as the key central contact point and/or project manager for new initiatives.
    • Working with management to implement the complete solution and see projects through to the revenue stage.
    • Manage relationships between third parties that support the business development of relationships and solutions.
    • Develop and implement strategic Joint Ventures (JV) and Value Added Reseller (VAR) relationships.
    • Keep abreast of payment services and relevant domestic developments and trends (especially POS solutions, mobile banking, online and e-money transfers, interactive terminals, ATMs, EFT devices etc.).
    • Work closely with the other departments (e.g. Operations, Legal, Compliance, Marketing, Implementation and Technology) to bring opportunities to fruition.
    • You will have P &L responsibilities for the countries that business development occurs.
    • If required, work with regional marketing team to ensure that all marketing campaigns have been agreed to and in line with budgets set.
    • Ensure full compliance with FGM and local regulators’ Anti-Money Laundering procedures.
    • Prepare monthly performance reports along with any other presentations, statistics, reports for existing Clients, Agents, new business prospects as may be required by senior management/RD/regulatory agencies.
    • You will be required on a weekly basis to submit a report of new opportunities.
    • Assist in the organisation and participation of exhibitions, fairs and other community events throughout the year as required.
    • Work closely with Global teams.
    • Other ad hoc duties as required by the business.



    • Fluent in English and Tagalog
    • Proven track record in sales, account management, business development, and project management role gained at a similar level of seniority. Some experience gained internationally and/or within a retail financial/payment services / money transfer / e-banking environment would be highly advantageous. Previous work experience within designated region is essential.
    • Demonstrated ability to operate at both a strategic and operational level, to include experience of writing comprehensive and robust business cases and business plans. Will have previous budgetary management experience.
    • Commercial acumen – able to work with key business partners to maximise business capacity for all parties.
    • Strong presentation (written and verbal) and negotiating skills – able to influence and persuade in decision-making processes both internally and externally.
    • Excellent organisational and project management skills – proven experience of managing multiple priorities on a regional and/or national basis, in a pressurised environment. Strong attention to detail is essential.
    • Excellent problem solving skills – able to effectively and proactively work to identify key issues, route cause(s) and identify appropriate solutions and/or facilitate resolution through working with the relevant parties.
    • Good technical understanding – able to converse effectively with technical and non-technical parties alike. Able to present information and or train on technical/product areas as required. Experience of coordinating software / technology roll outs is essential.
    • Able to work with minimum supervision and to make effective and appropriate decisions independently of others and also work as a part of a team.
    • Demonstrates high levels of energy, self-motivated and enthusiastic – prepared to go the extra mile.
    • Able to work in a busy, fast-paced environment whilst remaining calm and professional.
    • Ability to work in a culturally diverse environment.
    • Computer literate – able to use Microsoft suite of packages and operating systems.
    • Able to commit to and demonstrate the Corporate Values: Respect, Courage, Passion, Integrity and Teamwork.



    Please send your resume to: for further consideration.