How secure is the First Global Money Inc. website and transfer service?

First Global Money Inc. is secured by a third party SSL Certificate, which means that all personal and financial information is encrypted before being transmitted through the internet. The SSL encryption also extends to any other information entered on the website. Our server is protected by a strong Firewall which blocks unauthorized access, prevents phishing and other cyber attacks.

Our physical servers are safely located in a highly secure environment, protected both physically and electronically. We regularly audit our security policies to ensure that we keep your information safe at all times.

Which banks and money transfer networks does First Global Money Inc. work with?

We work with all the major banks and trusted retailers worldwide to transfer your money either directly into your recipient’s bank accounts or arrange a cash pick up through the retailers or bank branches.

Which third party security and privacy organizations have certified First Global Money Inc.?

Verified by TRUSTe: TRUSTe® Privacy Seal Program has certified First Global Money Inc. indicating we meet the highest level of industry security standards and follow all guidelines required to safeguarding your personal information.

VeriSign Secure: First Global Money Inc. is secured by VeriSign SSL Certificate, enabling encryption of all personal information such as username and password, including details of your transaction, before being transmitted through the internet.

What about unauthorized use of my account?

If you notice any unauthorized activity in your account, call our toll free number +1(877) 793-7171 or email us at immediately. We will secure your account and conduct a thorough investigation to cut off any fraudulent transactions.

Incase your username or password has been stolen and your account has been compromised, we will guarantee you the full amount of transaction which has not been authorized by you.

How do I prevent Identity Theft?

Please do not send confidential personal information such as passport numbers, government identification numbers or account numbers to First Global Money Inc. via unsecured email service providers. However, you may send personal confidential information to First Global Money Inc. via posted mail, phone or use the ‘Contact Us’ link available on our website.

Do not be misled by emails that appear to be from us, asking for personal information. If you receive a suspicious email requesting your personal information, please forward the email immediately to We will investigate the matter and keep our users protected.

Does First Global Money Inc share my information?

First Global Money Inc. is committed data security. We do not share our customer information and data with any external parties. However, customer data is used internally to –

  • Improve customer service and resolve disputes and errors
  • Help detect, prevent and / or report potential illegal activity that may lead to physical harm or financial loss, comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing verification requirements, a subpoena, court order and / or other legal processes including violation of our User Agreement
  • Support business operations including, but not limited to, collection of metrics for analytics, marketing and technology services

Information will be shared externally by obtaining prior consent / direction to do so.

Is First Global Money Inc. regulated by Government?

As we operate a money transfer business involving money transactions and transfers to different parts of the world, we are directly regulated by the government and by various government bodies and agencies. It is our policy to comply will all applicable laws.

Do you have a money-back guarantee if my recipient does not get the money?

We guarantee that your money will be received by your recipient each time you use our service. However, in case of a failed transaction or if your recipient does not receive the amount transmitted, the total amount of transaction will be refunded to you.