First Global Money Inc. is the money transfer brand of First Global Data Corp, a leading financial services technology company operating in Canada for over 12 years.

First Global Data Corp. has offices in Canada, United States, India, Indonesia, Guyana and Philippines with a significant network of payout locations across the globe.

First Global Money Inc. is a non-banked money wire-transfer service provider, offering money remittance solutions to individuals with and without traditional banking relationships. First Global Money Inc. offers customers the ability to transfer funds quickly, reliably, conveniently and at attractive prices. The audiences availing First Global’s services are primarily immigrants who send money to their country of origin, traditional banking customers in need of emergency money transfer services and businesses that need efficient money transfer services.


Strong Payout Partners


Speed of Transmission


Send Money In

4 simple steps

Flexible Payout Options

Cash Pick-up & Bank Deposit

Global Security Standards

Advanced Fraud Prevention Techniques

While the company’s global expansion continues, money remittance service is currently offered in 97 countries. First Global currently has over 57,000 payout locations Worldwide and will continue to expand with a wide network of payers across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

First Global also offers its users several ways to transmit a transfer. While a vast majority of the transfers are paid-out in cash at agent locations, the senders have an option to directly make a bank transfer into their recipient’s bank account.

With several hundred active agents across the United States & Canada, First Global has been successful in establishing strong working relationships with a wide network of banks, exchange houses, franchised & local storefronts and international corporations. Through effective setup of workflow systems, our agents and partners ensure that money is transferred within a matter of minutes.

With advanced encryption in place only the sender and their recipient know what is being transmitted. Our partnership with ThreatMetrix (3rd party service) brings cutting edge Fraud prevention system and Threat detection system, ensuring no fraudulent or illegal transactions are made.

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