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First Global Data is marked with the ‘Passion to perform and Deliver!’

The payments industry is going mobile and the mobile payments industry is exploding with growth! First Global is strongly positioned to capitalize on the large degree of change in the ‘FINTECH’ disruptive industry.

The degree to which the payments industry has changed in just a decade is off the scale. We’ve witnessed the arrival of new currencies, technologies, business models, and forms of transactions; all within an environment of global economic upheavals and increasingly comprehensive regulation. The most significant change has been the emergence of new players; non-bank financial institutions (NBFI’s) that bring a groundswell of innovation and are turning market models on their head; First Global is one of these companies!

Digitization has come in overwhelming waves, driven by the growth of e-commerce – in the B2C, and the B2B space and the proliferation of smart devices. With it has come continuous innovation to meet the demand for technologies that drive efficiency, lower transaction costs and boost convenience. Innovative and nimble new players like First Global – Fintech and digital ecosystems – have entered the payments game, creating increased competition for already-pressured banks. Disruption in payments will continue, with ongoing innovation shaping customer behavior, business models and the structure of the industry.

The time has come for one further change; a shift in mindset from one of competition to collaboration. By exploring strategic partnerships, First Global is positioned to create long-term success and revolutionize the payments market.

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