Andre Itwaru - Chairman , President and CEO

Mr. Itwaru is a seasoned senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services, technology and telecommunications industries. Mr. Itwaru has been the president and CEO of First Global since 2003. He has held senior management and executive level positions along with various directorships at small to medium sized businesses and large global organizations, including successful tenures at Sprint Canada, AT&T Canada Corp. and AT&T Solutions Mr. Itwaru held various positions at AT&T from 1989 to 1999. Some of these key responsibilities included; establishing and managing the first Operations Process and Quality group at AT&T Canada; Managing the Global Client Support Center responsible for business life cycle management for large strategic clients. Mr. Itwaru was also one of the architects of AT&T Canada's Network Modernization Programme which involved a major shift in the way business was conducted in the company at the time.
Prior to AT&T Mr. Itwaru was Chairman and CEO of Navaho Networks Inc., a private Toronto-based company providing payment processing services, from March 2000 to February 2002. He also held the position of President and Director of Global Managed Networks Inc., a private technology solutions company from February 2002 to March 2003, and Chairman and President of The Academy of Teaching and Training. He is also currently a director of several private companies.

Nayeem Alli - Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Alli has held senior management positions in large global and smaller start-up organizations. Prior to First Global, Mr. Alli spent 18 years working with various business units of AT&T and his most recent position, Mr. Alli served as Director, Corporate Planning, Strategy and Business Analysis and Director, Financial Planning and Modeling for AT&T Canada Corp. where he was responsible for developing annual financial plans and contributing to the company's overall strategic direction and was responsible for a $1.6 Billion budget.

Bobita Ram - Regional Vice President,
First Global Money Inc.

Bobita Ram is the Regional Vice President for the Caribbean Region and is based in the Guyana office of First Global Money (Guyana) Inc. with responsibility for Business Development for the Caribbean Region. Bobita has over 18 years of experience in the money remittances industry both in the Caribbean and in North America. She joined the First Global Money team in January 2013.
In 2007 Bobita successfully completed the ACAMS Certification and also has over 10 years of experience in Compliance with regards to the Money Remittances industry. The Guyana office is the Regional headquarters for the expansion of First Global's business in the Caribbean and will also house the English speaking customer service center.

Tom Sanderson - Information Security Officer (ISO)

Mr. Sanderson brings over 40 years in information technology, software security, and development to the First Global team. His responsibilities include, providing internal independent review and monitoring to assess the Company's information technology and security programs including cyber security. The ISO participates in the development, maintenance, and validation of business continuity and disaster recovery plans intended to keep the Company functioning in the event of significant disruptive events such as vandalism, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and terrorism.

Nadia Alli - V.P. Sales & Marketing,

As the VP of Sales & Marketing, Ms. Alli has acquired more than 13 years of experience in Process and Project Management, Sales, and Marketing successes. Ms Alli is responsible for developing and implementing the Global Tactical Marketing Strategies and Programs for First Global Data Corp., First Global Money Inc., and PayQwik. Her team's responsibilities include defining markets, competitive analysis, mobile market analysis, writing integrated business, and marketing plans, training the sales department, coordinating trade shows, producing sales support materials, creating and implementing campaigns, and designing and placing advertisements. Prior to this Ms. Alli served as the Director of Marketing at FGM. Her current responsibilities include the positioning and directing of the global branding, marketing strategy, sales management, and product development. Ms. Alli is based in Toronto Canada, First Global's headquarters.

Pankaj Kumar Chief Executive Officer
MSEWA Software Solution Private Limited

Pankaj Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer for PayQwik India; a division of First Global Data Corp. With over 10 years of experience in the mobile industry he has acquired in depth knowledge in mobile payments and mobile money remittances. He leads the India team in all facets of the organization, including Mobile Financial Services, International Business, Strategic Partnership and Global Business Development.
His most recent accomplishments include the launch of the VPayQwik mobile wallet in India and in partnership with Vijaya Bank India, Red Herring Asia 2015 in Manila, Philippines ; Global Mobile App Summit and Award 2015 in Chennai, India ; International Money Transfer Conference 2013 in Miami, USA; 6th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia March 2013, Singapore; Workshop Trainer- Mobile Money in Underdeveloped Countries, March 2013, Singapore ; ICT Conference 2013, Kathmandu Nepal and Mobile Strategy Summit 2013, New Delhi, India.
Prior to becoming the CEO (PQI), Mr. Kumar held the position as Chief Marketing Officer at PayQwik India.

Ruth Fraser Director, Global Human Resources

The objective of Ms. Fraser's role is to globally manage the company's teams both individually and collectively in such a manner that they are able to contribute to the process of achieving business objectives set by the organization.
Ms. Fraser's responsibilities include: Creating and informing all employees about the Policies, Programs and Procedures, Codes of Conduct, the Employee Handbook and additional supporting HR documentation. In addition, Ms. Fraser specializes in areas such as, training, development, employee counselling, performance management, labour relations, incentive programs, communication, motivation, salary reviews and recruitment.
Ms. Fraser's desire is to achieve a highly successful global team that enjoys every moment and every part of their career. Build a global team that works smarter and not harder and a team that celebrates its victories and supports each other’s failures. Her passion is people, seeing their true potential and together achieving success!