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First Global Data is a proven and reliable global leader in financial services technology, and knows electronic banking and payments. We are the right partner to provide the right Mobile banking and payments solution suited to your business requirements.

As a leading mobile banking and payment solutions provider with customers worldwide, First Global Data provides you the highest level of proven technology, service, and reliability in mobile banking. We provide a complete mobile solution for reaching the Underbanked and Unbanked Segments with all of the reporting capabilities, which you need to meet your internal and regulatory obligations.

PayQwik Wins Best Initiative in Mobile Payment Award 2015 GMASA 2015 Chennai

Extensive Payment Capabilities

Make fast, easy mobile payments a reality for your customers with the integrated mobile payments platform.

Real-time Wallet-to-Wallet or Person-to-Person (P2P) Transactions, Bill Payments, to merchant payments and Agent transactions, market-leading solutions from First Global Data enable your organization to offer comprehensive mobile payments.

Maintain ownership and control over the user experience and functionality with fully configurable Mobility Reach, carrier-independent, bank-centric solution, whether you need just one component of the solution, such as P2P payments; an entire package solution, or a more complex customized approach, First Global Data can deliver the options you need.

Universal Reach

Reach any and all consumers through their mobile devices and give them the best possible user experience, ensuring you grow your customer base and achieve industry leading adoption.

Beyond software, First Global Data knows what is required to make mobile banking and payment services successful in emerging markets, including helping you communicate effectively with consumers, position and price your products, and implement processes for acquiring underbanked customer segments and making them profitable.

The Lowest Risk

Purchase with confidence from First Global Data; our mobile solutions are backed by the most comprehensive and experienced product management team in the industry, offering guidance, implementation support, and functionality customized to meet user needs as your mobile strategy changes over time.

The phenomenal growth of mobile devices and services in emerging markets is driving the need for a complete and compelling banking and payment offering that reaches unbanked consumers (as well as banked ones). Win this new market - effectively and profitably - with Mobile Reach, the leading provider of information technology services to the financial industry. Only First Global Data offers the most complete, secure, integrated solution for companies in this fast-moving space.

Key Features

  • Mobile Wallet account
  • P2P payments, including the ability
  • To create your own branded P2P
  • Person-to-Merchant payments
  • Making mobile phones the new Point-Of-Sale terminal
  • Bill payment, including billing and top-up aggregation capabilities
  • Agent functionality enabling cash-in and cash-out transactions through formal and Informal network alerts and notifications
  • SMS/text messaging
  • USSD
  • Downloadable applications

Solution for Mobile Banking

Mobile as a banking and payments channel is flourishing like no other. Many banks are struggling to keep up with ever-growing demand for mobile services from both banked and unbanked consumers as well as addressing competitive pressures from alternative, non-bank providers. In fact, demand is growing so fast that analysts forecast that by 2017 almost a billion of the world's citizens will make payments and manage their money via mobile phone. Many of these users are unbanked today and will be new to banking.

Consumer demand for mobile banking and payment services is growing exponentially - particularly in emerging markets. You need solutions from a trusted partner that can help you win this exciting and disruptive opportunity. Leads the way to simultaneously reaching existing banked customers, new unbanked and underbanked segments.